The name of the school where this policy applies is Gondolikhethwa Christian School

2.1. Short title and commencement date.
This policy shall be referred to as Gondolikhethwa Christian School's Health, Safety and Emergency policy. The date of commencement shall be 01 April 2004.
2.2. Policy and legal frame work
Health and safety issues at Gondolikhethwa are based on the following: South African Constitution of 1996. The Holy Bible South African School's Act 84 of 1996 National Education Policy Act 27 of 1996.

2.3. Scope of Application
This policy applies to the following stakeholders:
2.3.1. Gondolikhethwa Christian School's teaching staff
2.3.2. Gondolikhethwa Christian School's support staff
2.3.3. Gondolikhethwa Christian school's Governing Council
2.3.4. Parents and Guardians of the learners
2.3.5. Learners enrolled at the school.

2.4. Definitions
The following are definitions of terms used in the policy:
2.4.1. Health refers to a state in which a person is not suffering from any illness and is feeling well
2.4.2. School Governing Council refers to the committee composed of parents which governs the school.
2.4.3. Stakeholder means people who have an interest in school's activities
2.4.4. Safety means being in state of being safe from harm or danger
2.4.5. Emergency refers to an unexpected and difficult or dangerous situation, especially an accident, which happens suddenly and requires quick action to deal with it.
2.4.6. First aid means refers to a simple medical treatment given, as soon as possible to a person who is injured or who suddenly becomes ill.
2.4.7. Paramedic refers to a person whose training is similar to that of a nurse and who helps to do medical work.

2.4.8. Fire brigade refers to the people or company that puts out fires.

2.5. Introduction
The need to draw this policy arose after realising the following:
2.5.1. That human health is of prime importance at the place of work
2.5.2. That working environment should be safe
2.5.3. That school environment and classes should be user friendly.

2.6. Objectives of this policy
The following are the objectives of this policy:
2.6.1. To make all stake holders aware of the importance of keeping the healthy environment
2.6.2. To make stakeholders aware of the health hazards that may arise at workplace
2.6.3. To caution stakeholders of the dangers of an unsafe environment
2.6.4. To encourage stakeholders to keep their school environment clean and attractive
2.6.5. To introduce stakeholders on how to perform first aid
2.6.6. To introduce stakeholders to safety measures
2.6.7. To provide members with information regarding steps to be taken under emergency situation.


3.1. Cleanliness
Cleanliness is rated highly in order to teach learners under the highest possible health standards. To promote health, relevant facilities have been provided

3.1.1. Cleanliness of classrooms
In order to keep classrooms clean, the following shall be observed: Classes shall be swept daily after school Classes shall be scrabbled once a week Classes shall be polished fortnightly Windows should be cleaned once a month Classes shall be dusted regularly Littering in classes is prohibited.

3.1.2. Cleanliness of toilets
Toilets can become the main cause of health hazards if not given necessary attention. To make toilets user-friendly the following shall be observed: .They shall be cleaned daily after school or in the morning Detergents shall be used regularly No one shall stand on toilet seat while releasing oneself Every toilet user shall leave it as clean as he/she has found it.

3.1.3. Hand wash basins
To encourage every learner to wash hands after going to toilet, after eating or after touching dirt, hand wash basins are placed in front of each class. Every learner shall wash hands after using the toilet Every learner shall wash hands after touching dirt Every learner shall wash hands before and after eating

3.2. Illness
3.2.1. First aid facility
Realizing that diseases or illnesses attack stakeholders at the place of work without prior warning or signs, the school has provided first aid facility in order to help those who need first aid before they are referred to medical institutions. The following is done regarding provision of first aid: First aid team is selected Employees representing both sexes shall be trained by qualified persons to perform first aid Employees will be trained under the ratio 1:100 learners ■ Learners or employees who need to rest for a while after receiving first aid shall be placed in a sickbay Learners or employees who are seriously ill shall be placed in the sickbay while waiting for an ambulance Conditions of a seriously ill learner or employee shall be closely monitored while waiting for an ambulance.

3.2.2. Serious medical problems
The following shall be done with regard to learners or employees who need immediate medical attention: Parents or relatives will be informed about the condition telephonically The affected learner or employee may be transported to the nearest hospital or local clinic An ambulance will be called in Parents or an employee will have to refund the school for any expense incumc while giving assistance to the affected person.

3.3. Safety
Every employee and learners need the maximum safety while at school. In order to safeguard the lives of people and to secure property the following safety and security measures are enforced: 3.3.1. Safety warning boards The following warning boards are used to caution people: Steps Slippery floors The risk of leaving properties in the school premises The danger of running instead of walking

3.4. Security of persons and property inside the school premises
The following shall be done in order to secure people and property:
3.4.1. Staff and students shall store their property safely in the storerooms
3.4.2. The gate shall remain closed to limit access of any unwanted persons
3.4.3. No learner shall be allowed to leave school premises except after knocking off
3.4.4. Burglar doors and windows shall be fitted in specialist classes and offices

3.4.5. Alarm system shall be used to alert Security Company of any burglary.
3.4.6. Individuals who are suspected of criminal activities shall be refused entry into the school premises
3.4.7. Learners shall board their buses inside the school premises.

3.5. Emergency
Incidents that are classified under emergency are accidents resulting in serious injury; burglary; hostage and fire.

3.5.1. Accidents at school
If an accident takes place at school the following shall be done: A learner shall be given first aid while phoning and waiting for an ambulance or paramedics Parents shall be informed of the accident and the steps being taken If an ambulance delays, available vehicles shall be used to transport a learner or an employee to hospital Parents shall refund any expenditure incurred.

3.6. Burglary
In case of burglary the following shall be done:
3.6.1. Security personnel in charge shall phone the police
3.6.2. Security personnel in charge shall alert the security company that secures the school
3.6.3. Security personnel shall make sound or noise to frighten the burglar
3.6.4. If security personnel notice that a burglar carries dangerous weapons, he/she shall hide at a safe place while waiting for the police
3.6.5. In case of broken into or stolen property, security personnel who is on duty shall give a statement to police regarding how the burglary took place. He or she shall indicate the stolen or broken property.

3.7. Hostage
If security staff or employees are held hostage, the following shall be done:
3.7.1. Security or personnel shall remain quite and calm and follow all instructions being given.
3.7.2. Affected individuals may phone police only when those holding him/her hostage do not notice their actions.

3.8. Fire
If fire breaks out the following shall be done:
3.8.1. Staff members shall fetch fire extinguishers and release the gas to extinguish fire.
3.8.2. Staff members use water hoses to extinguish fire.
3.8.3. In case of strong fire, Fire-brigade shall be phoned.