1. Name of the school
The name of school to which the policy applies is Gondolikhethwa Christian School
2. Preamble
2.1. Short title and commencement
This policy will be referred to as Gondolikhethwa Christian School admission policy. This policy was revised in May 2005 and started to operate from 01 June 2005.
2.2. Policy and legal frame work
Gondolikhethwa Christian School exists primarily to assist Christian parents and guardians in fulfilling their God’s given mandate to raise their children according to the principles of God’s Word. Admission age at Gondolikhethwa Christian School is guided by South African schools Act 84 of 1996 Paragraph 45A, APCE legislations and SGC’s policies.
2.3. Scope of application
This policy applies to the following groups of people:
o parents who want their children to be admitted at Gondolikhethwa
o guardians who want their relatives to be admitted at Gondolikhethwa
o learners who want to be admitted at Gondolikhethwa
o School Governing Council
o Teaching staff

2.4. Purpose of this policy
The purpose of the admission policy is to:
• maintain the distinctiveness of the Christian nature of the school,
• give the guidelines for admission to the school
• ensure a high level of parental involvement and support for the activities of the school,
• ensure that each learner is placed in the most appropriate learning environment,
• ensure that fair practices are maintained when admitting learners,
• ensure that transparency is maintained when admitting learners.

2.5. Definitions
2.5.1. Admission refers to intake or enrolment of learners for the first time at the beginning of each year.
2.5.2. God’s word refers to the Christian Holy Bible.
2.5.3. SGC refers to the School Governing Council
2.5.4. APCE refers to the Association for the Promotion of Christian Education.
2.5.5. Admission test refers to the written work to determine the applicant’s prior knowledge with the aim of giving the application necessary assurance after admission.

3. Admission rules
3.1. Conditions
Each learner shall be admitted at Gondolikhtehwa Christian school on condition that
1. The parents/guardians are in agreement with the constitution, the statement of faith and the commitment to Christianity.
2. Parents or guardians agree that the standards of their home will ot undermine the standard of the school as outlined in the school prospectus.
3. Parents or guardians agree to meet all financial obligations of the school within the specified period.

3.2. Admission criteria
The following criteria shall apply when admitting learners
3.2.1. All applicants for Grade R should turn five years pn or before June of the year of admission.
3.2.2. First preference for admission will be given to children whose parents are members of the APCE.
3.2.3. Second preference will be given to learners whose brothers and sister are already attending this school
3.2.4. All applicants for Grade 1 should turn 6 years before or on 30 June of the year of admission.
3.2.5. All applicants will be subjected to pre-admission test.
3.2.6. In case of vacant spaces during the course of the academic year, applicants will be admitted according to their rank on a waiting list.
3.2.7. Learners will be readmitted after a learner and a parent have signed readmission declaration form.

3.3. Admission procedures
3.3.1. Parents have to submit fully completed application forms plus all documents required.
3.3.2. Learners will be interviewed by the admission committee
3.3.3. Admission test will be written by all learners in order to find out the prior knowledge they possess
3.3.4. Parents/guardians will be interviewed regarding their commitment to Christianity and the willingness to support children and the school
3.3.5. Admission results will be released on the date on which test was administered.
3.3.6. Results of learners who reveal to have learning problems will be discussed with parents in order to commit themselves to assist their their children at home.

4. Transfers
The following conditions shall apply to parent/guardians who would like to transfer children:
4.1. Parents/guardians who would like to transfer learners in the next academic year should do so between 01 October and 31 December. 4.2. Transfers which will be issued during the first quarter of the academic year will be those which are necessitated by the relocation of parents to another workplace. 4.3. No transfer shall be issued to learners who have been admitted in the same academic year.